• Alpena Armory

    Alpena Armory

    Play at the old National Guard Armory, in downtown Alpena. The 90 year old building has 45,000 square feet of floor space on three levels
  • Playing Area

    Playing Area

    The basement has a maze of office space, the second floor has an open area with a variety of portable barriers and the third floor has rooms and a large balcony overlooking the second floor
  • Urban Combat

    Urban Combat

    The building has multiple stairwells accessing all the floors. This will be urban combat like you have never seen before!
  • Special Games

    Special Games

    Check out any of our upcoming Special Games for a unique and exciting time for you and your friends. Call (989) 358-2444 to make reservations.
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Laser Team Challenge

Laser Team Challenge is located in northeast Michigan in the beautiful city of Alpena. We provide an indoor and outdoor venue, with a variety of games and team building exercises. Our events last anywhere from 3-6 hours; depending on the type of game- and can accommodate 10-85 people at a time. The 90 year old National Guard Armory, in downtown Alpena provides an interesting and historic place to play. Forty-five-thousand square feet of floor space, on three levels, makes games extra fun and challenging as players move throughout the building. The basement offers a maze of office space; the second floor has an open area with a variety of portable barriers, and the third floor has rooms and a large balcony overlooking the basketball court. With multiple stairwells accessing all the floors, this will be urban combat like you have never seen before.

How the Session Works and Equipment

Our sessions are closely run and monitored by a mission director and one or more referees. Every Saturday we open at 2 and 6 p.m., followed by a check in, orientation for all first time players, team division, and equipment issue. Players will then enjoy about 2 hours of a variety of missions; designed to reinforce the importance of planning, leadership, teamwork, and communication. The participants will learn about themselves, other players, and have a great time in the process! Our equipment includes a variety of guns that use harmless infrared technology (much like a television remote). They can be programmed to duplicate up to 60 different guns and can shoot up to 1000 feet. Each gun is unique in its' appearance and is equipped with a red dot scope or a 3x9 power hunting scope. The feel and performance of the gun adds realism and impact to the game.

Age limits and waiver information

For all our events, we require players be no younger than 7 to play safely and enjoy the game.

All first time players need to complete our waiver,. These can be downloaded from our website, filled out and brought along, or are also available at our building. Any first time players under 18 years old will need to have the waiver signed by a parent/guardian.

Who are our customers

If you would like to reward your employees or group with a great team building and fun activity, give us a call! This is also a great event for family reunions, church groups, nonprofit organizations, school functions, bachelor/bachelorette parties- or anytime you would like to play laser tag! Please give us a call, email or FB message for more information or to make reservations. We can also bring the event to your location.


Price and Game Time

We have 2 open games every Saturday. The first runs from 2-5pm and the second runs from 6-9pm. The cost is only $15 per person. Reservations are recommended to ensure a spot in either game.

For private or offsite games, please email us at info@laserteamchallenge.com for a quote


Come join us at 205 Water St in Alpena Michigan