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Morita SAW

The Morita SAW is configured to replicate a Thompson submachine gune with a large drum magazine. The Thompson was popularized during Prohibition due to its use by both law enforcement and criminal enterprises

At Laser Team Challenge, the Morita SAW offers a heavy ammount of firepower along with the ability to suppress incoming waves of enemies. Due to the large ammount of ammo in each clip, players are able to finish off opponents while their opposition struggles to reload.

Additional popular configurations that the Morita SAW uses includes the Uzi and MAT 49-20 

Equipment Info

  • Weight: 10 Lbs
  • Scope: N/A
  • Clip Size: 100 Rounds
  • Fire Rates: Full & Semi Automatic
  • Muzzle Flash: Team Specific
  • Reload Time: 10 Seconds